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Ever dreamt about playing football in front of 60 000 screaming fans? Ever wished you could travel and meet people from all over the world? Ever wanted to focus on your love of football for a whole week – and maybe, just maybe win everything together with your team?

You can do it all.

If you play in a Meet the World tournament, you get the chance to go to Gothia Cup and join 40 000 players and leaders for a week of football and fun. We at SKF are very proud that we have already helped 3500 Meet the World players make the journey to Sweden.

Now it’s your turn. If you’re ready to take the chance.

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“It is a great opportunity for us. I’m happy to be selected, and we will give it our best shot to meet our goals in Sweden”

Portia Prempeh from Ghana

About The World

Every year, Meet the World tournaments are held in about 20 countries where SKF has offices

One team from each country gets to go to Gothia Cup in Gothenburg, Sweden

The Gothia Cup week is a lifetime experience full of football, fun and new friends


“It’s fantastic to meet so many people from different places. It’s a beautiful opportunity and a great experience for me and my team. The best thing is the girls, so many beautiful girls!”

David Hernandez from Colombia